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                                         IOIG(Indian Ocean Islands Games) 2011 in seychelles

I've been very proud of these letters from State House, Vice President Mr.Vincent Meriton

and National Sports Council in the Republic of Seychelles.

I first visited Seychelles in 2011 as a volunteer doctor from S.Korea during the IOIG 2011

​(Indian Ocean Islands Games) for the treatment of the Seychelles athletes️.

I was appointed to treat the National Team of Seychelles and in the process treated top level players of national team such as Steven Baccus, Simon Labiche, foot ball & volleyball players, etc.

The result was great and they achieved 2nd position with 57 gold medals. 

It was just 1 gold medal compare to winning team Reunion.

It was the first time in  32 years of the IOIG history since the Seychelles independence in 1976.

I can't forget the memories of this games in 2011 Republic of Seychelles .

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