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There are some kind of healthcare professional Doctors in the world such as Doctor of Medicine(MD),

Doctor of Dental Medicine(Dentist), Doctor of Chiropractic(Chiropractor), Doctor of Osteopathy ...

Dr.Choi is not Medicine Doctor(MD) who are using drug and surgery.

Dr.Choi(S.Korean) is a Chiropractor(Doctor of Chiropractic) .

He graduated from RMIT university in Melbourne, Australia ,degree in Clinical Science and

Chiropractic Science.

Clinically he has been experiencing in different medical fields such as medical orthopedic and

medical rehabilitation clinic as well as oriental medicine clinic in Seoul, Korea.

Dr.Choi is a health care professional focused on the diagnosis and treatment Neuro-Muscular Skeletal

also metabolic problems.

He treats to reduce pain and restore the functionality of patients

as well as to educate them through change of life style, posture correction and diet.

Dr.Choi has been practicing as a part of Complementary Alternative Medicine(CAM)

since 2003 in Seoul, Korea and Seychelles.

Especially, He has been operating his own clinic for 7 years in the Republic of Seychelles then

moved to Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai, UAE.

He is very fond of running and has ran Half marathon (21 kms) around 500 times,

65 times full-course marathon(42.195 kms) and 10 times 100 kms ultra marathon.

 Dr.Choi's philosophy is having a healthy body and mind  can treat  various patients  !

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