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According to Neuro-Science

The homunculus (little man) is the map in the brain(cerebral cortex) of sensory and motor neurons in each

part of the body.

Do you know why the hands, mouth(lip, tongue) and feet are bigger than other organs?!

Because they have “huge sensory and motor neuron receptors” since human have evolved

in order to survive,develop fine skills and walk with upright posture.

In order to treat  immune and unknown disorders we have to treat the function of the feet that

have been suffering with loss of the mechanical functions and problems from changed structure

due to wearing  wrong shoes and lack of exercise, walking only on flat ground, etc.

It can lead to whole body disorders not only Neuro-muscular-skeletal but also internal organs problems

and psychological disorders too.


Dr.Choi's INOT manual treatment could restore the function of the body and balanced mechanism. 

"Neuro" is nervous system and "Ortho" means upright, straight and correct.

The "INOT" means Intensive Neuro-Ortho Treatment.

Dr.Choi has studied about INOT and has been practicing it on various patients, ​such as Multiple Sclerosis,

Gout, Arthritis, Walking problems (Parkinson’s, Stroke), any neuro-muscular-skeletal, psychological problems, Asthma, metabolic & internal organs problems, immune & unknown disorders,etc.

You will have a good experience with my own treatment in the world.

No Drug ! No Surgery ! 
Natural healing by manual treatment.

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